Tongzhou's technology property right transaction business advances

en.nantong.gov.cn | Updated: September 17, 2021 L M S

The Tongzhou workstation of the Nantong sub-center of the Jiangsu Proprietary Technology Exchange Center was recently inaugurated and is one of the first county- level workstations in the East China's province.

The Jiangsu Proprietary Technology Exchange Center was led by the Jiangsu provincial department of science and technology and established in 2017. With the aim of accelerating the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements, the center is mainly engaged in such services as technology property rights transactions, intellectual property rights, sci-tech consultation, sci-tech finance, inspection and certification, and business incubation.

As an important part of the provincial center, the Nantong sub-center focuses on the entire process of technological transactions, strives to build seven major platforms for technology transactions, technology transfers, sci-tech finance, policy services, sci-tech training, sharing of achievements, and intellectual property to boost the innovative development of the city.

Tongzhou district has implemented an innovation-driven development strategy this year and accelerated the commercialization of sci-tech achievements. Its technological contract turnover ranks at the forefront in Nantong.

The establishment of the Tongzhou workstation will be conducive to attracting innovative resources and providing a support platform for businesses in the district to commercialize sci-tech achievements.