Nantong National High-tech Industrial Development Zone: Grow Talent Pool to Fuel Innovation

en.nantong.gov.cn | Updated: June 19, 2020 L M S

The Nantong National High-tech Industrial Development Zone has recently released a list of 15 candidates for “Jianghai Talent Project” funding, a record high. In fact, the zone has formulated a multi-pronged strategy for growing its science and technology talent pool.

The companies based in the zone have been recruiting high-quality talent from technology universities in their quest for technological advancement and independent innovation. Among the companies, some vehicle spare part providers and distributors, including Hongbang Die Casting (Nantong) Co Ltd, have been approved as national postdoctoral stations. Hongbang also worked with Tsinghua University to develop a high vacuum die casting process for the doors of Tesla vehicles, which was awarded with a rating of “Best-In-Class Casting”. Last year, the sales of a subsidiary of Nantong Jianghua Machinery Co Ltd hit over 200 million yuan ($28.2 million) after the company worked with professors of Hefei University of Technology. 

In addition, there has been an ever-growing influx of funding into the technology-engaged enterprises, and now the zone has a pool of 10 billion yuan. Hao Han Co Ltd is one of the beneficiaries of the government guidance funds, having received 42 million yuan.

The push for independent innovation is also strengthened by a series of talent-attracting policies designed to create a benign environment for potential technology and industrial companies. Jiangsu Ruizhong Co Ltd was provided with rent-free standard factories covering 6,000 square meters for two years’ use in its early days. It has also received various types of funding totaling more than 10 million yuan to date.

The wide range of professional services is another lure for those who are considering setting up their businesses or working in the zone. There is a one-stop service platform and over 30 intermediary service organizations located in the zone providing guidance in financing, human resource, law and many other areas. The China (Nantong) Intellectual Property Protection Center will also be completed in the latter half of this year.