Nantong National High-tech Industrial Development Zone: Launching the “Supercarrier” of Next Generation IT Industry

en.nantong.gov.cn | Updated: June 16, 2020 L M S

Qian Yulong, director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Nantong National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, has been developing a plan for the integrated circuit industrial park that covers 9.5 square kilometers and includes an investment promotion map for the next generation information technology (IT) industry.

This industrial park is divided into a main area for design and manufacturing of integrated circuits, a residential area and a recreation area. A complete range of supporting facilities involving financial services, smart delivery, and training will help build the park into a competitive headquarters of industrial clusters.

The emerging industry of next generation IT is one of our priorities, said Qian, noting that construction of an industrial park of semiconductor products and spare parts and an IT innovation industrial park is gaining pace. “Like carrier-based aircrafts, big and high-quality projects will empower the ‘supercarrier’ of the next generation IT industry,” said Xu Liubo, deputy director of the Project Promotion Office.

Now the zone has 25 quality industrial projects under negotiation, and the total investment is estimated at 63 billion yuan. The estimated total value of the initial industrial output is 10 billion yuan, and should be 100 billion within 5 to 10 years. 

Located in the zone, Shennan Circuits Co Ltd, a leading provider of electronic circuit technology and solutions in China, will expect after-tax sales of over 4 billion yuan ($564.5 million) after completing its three-phase project. The success should also extend to many other companies, including Shanghai Unitech Electronics Co Ltd and Jiangsu Hua Cun Electronics, both of which will reap good investment results.

More high-quality industrial projects have been launched as the zone keeps developing emerging industries supported by a series of policies that have been rolled out to attract potential integrated circuits manufacturing companies, R&D institutions and talent in this field.