Nantong Bureau of Commerce inspects foreign funded projects in Nantong industrial zone

en.nantong.gov.cn | Updated: May 8, 2020 L M S

A delegation headed by Chu Yuxin, deputy director-general of Nantong Bureau of Commerce conducted an inspection tour of Nantong National High-tech Industrial Development Zone on May 6 to assess the construction situation of its foreign funded projects and integrated circuit (IC) industrial park.

The inspection tour first visited a project run by Kawasaki Robotics Inc, a leading supplier of industrial robots and robotic automation systems, and Ungar Intelligent Technology (Nantong) Co Ltd.

The delegation was pleased that construction had started on Kawasaki's plant with a total investment of $150 million.

The delegation also visited Ikea Components (China) Co Ltd and Shanghai Unitech Electronics (Nantong) Co Ltd. The Ikea project, which was still in pilot production phase, will serve the whole Asian and Pacific region in the furniture fittings sector. The $450-million Shanghai Unitech Electronics (Nantong) was co-founded by Shanghai Unitech Electronics and the Taiwan-based Unitech Group. It mainly engages in producing high-end printed circuit boards, and hard and soft combination board. It has completed production trials and its sales are expected to reach 1 billion yuan ($140 million) in 2020.

The delegation also visited the IC industrial park which covers a planned area of 9.5 square kilometers. Chu strongly backed the zone's development strategy and said it could speed up its IC industry's agglomeration in Yangtze River Delta region.