Nantong hi-tech development zone takes 5 prevention steps

en.nantong.gov.cn | Updated: March 20, 2020 L M S

Since the coronavirus outbreak hit, the Sci-tech New Town at Nantong National High-tech Industrial Development Zone has attached great importance to the deployment requirements of governments at all levels. The zone has taken five steps to carry out epidemic prevention and control.

Attach great importance to epidemic prevention and control

The Sci-tech New Town established a fast-response system for the prevention and control work in the hi-tech development zone, and set up a grid epidemic prevention and control working group with the participation of all staff. 

On Feb 2, the first meeting was held to convey the requirements of the authority, and  participants discussed prevention and control and clarified their tasks. The management department of the hi-tech zone established an epidemic prevention and control WeChat work group. Through WeChat, messages can be sent quickly, additionally, while telephones and other forms of communication can deliver the latest notices, so that enterprises in the zone can get access to first-hand messages.

Strictly implement epidemic control and inspection measures

Screen personnel, communicate with enterprises, urge park enterprises to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work, statistics personnel to record each worker's details, and cultivate common virus epidemic prevention and control work after return to work. Properties in the zone shall strengthen control of access gates and set up inspection points.

Cleaning and disinfection measures

The property management department in the hi-tech development zone should disinfect the environment and public facilities in accordance with relevant requirements. Cargo elevators and panels must be cleaned and disinfected every two hours to prevent virus transmission. According to how the epidemic develops, emergency supplies such as masks, disinfectants, thermometers and hand sanitizers should be provided by the hi-tech development zone.

Guide enterprises to resume work

Officials of the Sci-tech New Town should contact enterprises on the site and guide them in epidemic prevention work before they start daily production. Machines and raw materials for mask production in the laboratories of textile and silk research institutes in the zone have been coping with the epidemic situation and have started mask production to give full support amid the battle against the epidemic.

Enterprises in the zone with a strong desire to start construction have been advised by the Sci-tech New Town to formulate emergency plans for epidemic prevention, improve materials for the early resumption of work, and coordinate health and safety supervision.

Strengthen education to guide public opinion

Through large electronic screens in the zone, publicity notices were broadcast to promote epidemic prevention information. Scientific publicity and knowledge of epidemic prevention and control and the effects of the coronavirus should be promulgated to raise the awareness of self-protection when working at enterprises in the zone.


A laboratory at a textile and silk research institute in the zone copes with the epidemic situation and starts mask production to give full support to the battle against the epidemic. [Photo/WeChat account: ntgjgxq]