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Quality cooperative boosts development of home textile enterprises in Haimen

en.nantong.gov.cn| Updated: October 21, 2020 L M S

Due to the uneven development among home textile enterprises in recent years, there have been problems such as serious product homogeneity and limited technological improvement, which have restricted the development of enterprises and the improvement of product quality.

To solve these problems, Haimen district established the country's first home textile quality cooperative in September 2017, absorbing small and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses into the cooperative.

To boost overall product quality, the district has implemented six uniform measures across product standards and standardized product identification, product inspection and testing standards, establishing chief quality officer systems, establishing quality credit systems, establishing a uniform brand development plan, and law enforcement and supervision.

The number of members of the cooperative has increased from the preliminary 17 to the current 532 in the past three years. Despite the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the value of Haimen Deashiqiao home textile market's business reached 89.7 billion yuan ($13.5 billion) in the first three quarters of the year due to its high product quality, increasing by 3.56 percent year-on-year.

With the continuous development and growth of the cooperative, the standardization level of the home textile industry in Haimen has been greatly improved, as have the reputations of corporate brands.

At present, the district has more than 2,500 registered trademarks for home textiles, four China Well-known Trademarks, and eight international registered trademarks. Three home textile enterprises have been awarded the title of Quality Model Enterprise, and 81 have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. The qualified rate of members' product quality reached 97 percent.