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Nantong Hongmei Dairy Co Ltd, founded in 1956, is an influential firm conducting agricultural industrialization in Nantong. It is the only diary company with a production license for liquid milk in the city's Jiangsu provincial animal husbandry ecological health breeding base, the pollution-free agricultural products base, and one of the first batch of Jiangsu's school milk designated production enterprises. In addition, Nantong Hongmei Dairy has achieved ISO9001 quality management systems certification, HACCP certification and Jiangsu metrology accreditation.

The company focuses on cattle breeding and dairy products with more than 1,000 dairy cows, 160 employees and 20-hectare forage base. It is engaged with 30 product series such as fresh cow's milk, sour milk, school milk, milk beverages, ultra-high-temperature (UHT) treated milk and high calcium milk.

Its dairy products processing base is in Nantong Gangzha Economic Development Zone of Jiangsu province and covers 18,000 square meters. The company owns Japanese IWAI UHT instant sterilizers, aseptic filling machines, plastic paper cup sealing machines, production lines for glass-bottled yogurt, and flexible packages. Hongmei also has advanced equipment and comprehensive tools in its testing center.

In addition, Hongmei has established standard dairy cattle breeding bases in Rugao and Taizhou in Jiangsu. The ranch is divided into four functional areas for breeding management, TMR distribution and processing, waste management, and support services. It will form a sustainable development model for energy reuse with automated TMR processing equipment, Swedish DeLaval milking equipment, 48-stall rotary milking tables, as well as biogas fermentation tanks and organic fertilizer production lines in the waste management area.

Hongmei is not only improving its hardware facilities, but also enhancing construction of fundamental systems, especially the training system for employees, to ensure every staff member understands the importance of dairy products security. Hongmei sticks with "local products, security, freshness, high quality" to serve Nantong residents, and ensure "Hongmei milk is safe and fresh every day".

Address: 99 Huanghai Road, Chongchuan district, Nantong, Jiangsu province

Post code: 226002

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