CIMC TANK granted provincial industrial internet benchmarking factory

en.nantong.gov.cn| Updated: July 16, 2020 L M S

Nantong CIMC Tank Equipment Co Ltd has recently been granted the title of provincial industrial internet benchmarking factory, according to the Industry and Information Technology Department of Jiangsu province.

It marks that Gangzha district has made a breakthrough in this special campaign.

Industrial internet benchmarking factory refers to those that optimize the complete process of manufacturing systems, production, factories' capital and businesses relying on the industrial internet platform and comprehensive use of technologies, such as data acquisition and integrated application, and modeling analysis and optimization.

CIMC TANK, as the leading company taking up 55 percent of the global tank containers market, has proactively propelled the integration of informatization and industrialization.


Nantong CIMC Tank Equipment Co Ltd [Photo/WeChat account: ntgzjjkfq]

In addition, CIMC TANK passed inspection by the State integration of informatization and industrialization management system and became the pilot enterprise that integrates internet and industrialization innovations in 2007.

CIMC TANK also established a special internet of things factory, which integrates research and development, planning, production, technics, and logistics. Thus it realized the integration of production and control, formed integrative industrial chains and used equipment lifecycle management to improve its comprehensive competitiveness.