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New quality productive forces | Tongzhou firm leads in environment protection sector


Updated: 2024-04-16

Jiangsu Leer Environment Technology Co Ltd, a private environmental protection company in Dongshe town, Tongzhou district, Jiangsu province, has been visited by representatives of over 20 leading companies in the environmental sector this year.

The company's innovative fly ash synergistic cotton production line, the first of its kind in China with independent intellectual property rights, is the primary reason for these visits.

Fly ash is a residue from household waste incineration containing harmful substances such as dioxins and heavy metals. The new production line is able to achieve a dioxin removal rate greater than 99.99 percent, with heavy metals far below national standards, and a chloride removal rate exceeding 98 percent, while producing high-quality A1 grade rock wool.

Yan Dahai, a researcher at the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences and an expert in fly ash pollution control standards, stated that Leer Environment's fly ash synergistic cotton technology and equipment resolve the high costs and low output of fly ash resource utilization. The continuous stable operation of the demonstration line further proves the feasibility of the technology, Yan added.

Leer Environment is a leading company in the domestic fly ash solidification and disposal field, holding a 25-percent national market share. They serve over 400 waste incineration power plants and have been recognized as a national-level specialized and innovative "little giant" enterprise, a national-level high-tech enterprise, and a national-level intellectual property advantage enterprise.


A researcher works at a lab belonging to Jiangsu Leer Environment Technology Co Ltd. [Photo/WeChat account: wxtzfb]