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Qidong boosts investment promotion efforts


Updated: 2024-04-12

Since the beginning of this year, government departments in Qidong, Nantong have been visiting companies across the country to conduct investment promotion activities focusing on key industries such as biomedicine, semiconductors, port equipment, and new energy.

In the first quarter, 26 major projects commenced construction in Qidong with a total planned investment of 17.19 billion yuan ($2.38 billion), including 14 projects with investments exceeding 500 million yuan. Eleven major municipal-level industrial projects allocated investment totaling 970 million yuan, accounting for 30.3 percent of the total planned investment. Thirty-one industrial projects with investments exceeding 100 million yuan were signed into effect.

During the period, Qidong High-Tech Zone signed 12 projects into effect, each with investments exceeding 100 million yuan, including one foreign-funded project with an investment exceeding $30 million.

In late March, Lyusigang town held an investment promotion conference for the electric tool industry in Shanghai, where six projects were officially signed into effect.

Qidong has also established investment promotion offices in Wuxi and Kunshan and conducted 24 investment promotion activities in the first quarter to better connect with key enterprises.