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Tourism flourishes in Qidong during Qingming holiday


Updated: 2024-04-11


An amusement park for families in Qidong receives a large number of tourists during the Qingming Festival holiday. [Photo/WeChat account: qidongfabu]

During the three-day Qingming Festival holiday from April 4-6, major tourist attractions in Qidong, Nantong bustled with visitors, injecting new vitality into cultural and tourism consumption.

For example, Jiangtian Ecological Park, a multifunctional agricultural park offering vacation stays, farming experiences, agricultural cultural displays, and rural leisure activities, attracted around 1,200 visitors on the first day of the holiday.

In recent years, picnicking and camping have become popular activities during holidays. The Riverside Greenway Nomad Campsite is equipped with 30 sets of tents, allowing visitors to enjoy activities such as barbecue, karaoke, and bonfire parties. During the holiday, the campsite welcomed an average of about 500 visitors per day, according to Yu Huimin, the person in charge of the campsite.


Visitors fly kites and enjoy spring views at a campsite in Qidong. [Photo/WeChat account: qidongfabu]

The 7th Yuantuojiao Tulip Expo reached its peak bloom during the holiday, showcasing various precious tulip varieties from the Netherlands. The flower expo attracted over 30,000 visitors.

In Shiqing village, Huilong town, a cherry blossom forest covers 16.7 hectares. More than 10,000 of its early cherry blossom trees began blooming in late March, providing a stunning viewing experience lasting for about 10 days. In late April, the late cherry blossoms then bloomed, extending the blooming period to around 20 days. During the holiday, the cherry blossom forest received a total of 3,000 visitors.


A tulip expo is held during the Qingming holiday in Qidong. [Photo/WeChat account: qidongfabu]