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More efforts made by Hai'an to enhance its business environment

en.nantong.gov.cn Updated: 2024-04-08

Hai'an, a county-level city in Nantong, Jiangsu province has achieved notable progress via continuous efforts to improve its business environment in recent years.

On Feb 17, a conference on the high-quality development of the city's real economy conducted an evaluation of the business environment, with 640 company leaders giving their live assessments. The evaluation report revealed an overall satisfaction rate of 99 percent for the business environment in Hai'an.

To further enhance the environment, since mid-February, Hai'an has initiated company visits to address issues faced by enterprises in financing, land use, employment, and approval services. As of now, 23 local government departments have visited 210 key enterprises, collecting a total of 210 issues and demands.

Jiangshanhong Chemical Fiber Co Ltd, due to its substantial raw material procurement needs, faced significant financial constraints. Upon learning of the company's challenges during the visits, the Duntou town government facilitated six enterprises, including Jiangshanhong Chemical Fiber, to secure a credit line of 60 million yuan ($8.29 million) from financial institutions, resolving the funding issues for these companies.

Addressing the innovation and transformation challenges frequently mentioned by small and medium-sized enterprises, Hai'an organized visits by city-level department heads and business representatives to universities and research institutes to promote collaboration between academia and industry.

On March 24, the "Hai'an Day" event at Nanjing University served as the inaugural session, allowing over 10 innovative enterprises to engage in close exchanges and connections with experts.

Jiangsu Mingxin Microelectronics Co Ltd urgently needed research support for the development of its flat high-voltage bidirectional thyristor products. During the event, the company's general manager, Zhou Ming, reached a preliminary cooperation agreement with two professors, aiming to jointly overcome the company's technical challenges.


An aerial view of a local enterprise in Hai'an. [Photo/Nantong Daily]