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Spring splendor unfolds in Qidong


Updated: 2024-03-15

March has brought forth a breathtaking natural spectacle in Qidong, a county-level city in Nantong, Jiangsu province.


In Banchang village, Haifu town, over 6,000 plum blossom trees are in full bloom, emitting a delicate fragrance that delights the senses. [Photo/WeChat account: qdrmt0513]


Pink and white magnolia flowers add a touch of romance to the city's landscape. [Photo/WeChat account: qdrmt0513]


Along the riverbanks, willow trees sway gracefully, their branches dancing in the breeze. [Photo/WeChat account: qdrmt0513]


With shimmering waves and the melodic sounds of seabirds, strolling along the coastline offers a sense of connection with nature. [Photo/WeChat account: qdrmt0513]


In Qilong town, flocks of wild ducks dot the tidal flats. [Photo/WeChat account: qdrmt0513]