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Tongzhou holds first job fair after Spring Festival


Updated: 2024-02-19

Tongzhou district in Nantong, Jiangsu province held its first job fair following the recently concluded Spring Festival on Feb 19.

The job fair features 4,656 job positions provided by 102 enterprises involved in key industrial chains and high-tech firms related to new materials, new energy, intelligent equipment and high-end textiles.

Amphenol Advanced Technology (Nantong) Co Ltd was one of the high-tech enterprises that participated in the job fair.

According to Zhang Yan, Amphenol's human resources manager, in addition to normal operator technicians, the company also needs product engineers who will be offered a salary of approximately 16,000 yuan ($2,226) per month.

The event attracted 4,160 attendees seeking employment, with an online job browsing count reaching 7,093 views. Ultimately, 509 individuals secured employment intentions.

The fair is also a part of Tongzhou's "Spring Breeze" campaign, which aims to improve the employment rate in the district. The campaign will continue to host job fairs until early April.

In addition to job fairs, Tongzhou has also introduced incentive policies that offer enterprises a recruitment subsidy of 1,500 yuan for each person to encourage them to explore more channels for employee recruitment.


Job seekers communicate with human resources personnel at the job fair. [Photo/Nantong Daily]