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More cultural spaces in Nantong receive provincial recognition (I)

en.nantong.gov.cn Updated: 2024-02-06


Momei Art Hall. [Photo/WeChat account: ntwgx6]

The Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism recently published its list of the most beautiful public cultural spaces, including 14 in Nantong.

Among those receiving the distinction is Momei Art Hall. Comprising exhibition zones for culture, embroideries, and tools, the art hall is dedicated to promoting embroidery techniques, fostering more artisans, and inspiring more people to value the traditional culture in Nantong. Momei also frequently organizes interactive experiences for interested community members and tourists.

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Fumei Library. [Photo/WeChat account: ntwgx6]

Mei'an Guqin Hall, situated in an ancient courtyard, includes three classrooms and one exhibition room. The cultural facility offers public guqin and other classes, giving attendees the opportunity to learn about the seven-stringed plucked instrument, as well as other intangible cultural heritage items.

Feiye Shushi Culture and Art Space offers a comfortable and serene space for visitors to read books. It also arranges activities themed on culture and art regularly.

With nearly 10,000 books, Fumei Library consists of the FAD book house and the Fumei branch of the Chongchuan Library. It aims to bring the joy of reading to more individuals and provide avid readers with a spiritual home of sorts.

The Cultural Service Center in Dongping village displays farming culture and traditional Chinese culture, and promotes popular science with an effort to contribute to rural vitalization.