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2023 Qidong Half Marathon kicks off


Updated: 2023-11-06

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The 2023 Qidong Half Marathon kicks off on Nov 5. [Photo/WeChat account: qdrmt0513]

More than 4,500 runners from all over the country gathered in Qidong, a coastal city in Jiangsu province, on Nov 5 to participate in the 2023 Qidong Half Marathon.

The event consisted of a half marathon and a fitness run. The event offered professional services and safety, with nine supply stations and 11 medical locations along the track.

The event also showcased the appealing products and unique charm of Qidong by setting up a Qidong Special Market on the track where runners could learn about and taste the city's local specialties.

The men's group champion of the half marathon was Gu Yangxu, a firefighter from Changshu, who finished the race in 1 hour 11 minutes and 42 seconds. He praised the scenery of the double-color sea in Qidong and said that the sea breeze helped alleviate his fatigue.

The women's group champion was Jin Yuan, a runner from Shanghai, who finished the race in 1 hour 20 minutes and 24 seconds. She said that she came to Qidong as a tourist and was fascinated by the beauty of the double-color sea. She said that this was the first time she has run a marathon by the sea.