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Talent drives innovative development in Tongzhou


Updated: 2022-12-22

The 18th Cooperation Fair for High-end Industries and High-profile Talent kicked off in Tongzhou district, Nantong, East China’s Jiangsu province, on Dec 15. 

The event witnessed the signing of 15 science and innovation projects. 

As an important platform to help Tongzhou bring in projects and talent, the fair has to date brought 834 high-profile talents to the district. 

The fair is part of an effort by Tongzhou to show the importance it places on talent. 

Tongzhou authorities in recent years have launched a series of policies to provide convenience to high-profile talent in Tongzhou. 

Authorities have also provided talent with subsidies of up to 10 million yuan ($1.43 million). 

This year, 6,000 talent apartments are under construction and another 6,000 apartments will be built in 2023, official statistics show. 

More talents have boosted the innovative development of Tongzhou. 

This year, the district has received approval to build itself into a provincial demonstration district for intellectual property rights. 

In the first three quarters this year, Tongzhou introduced 48 innovation projects, 74 talent projects and 51 key projects, said Wang Shaoyong, director of Tongzhou district. 


Visitors attend the 18th Cooperation Fair for High-end Industries and High-profile Talent. [Photo/WeChat account: wxtzfb]