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'Straw agents' contribute to rural vitalization


Updated: 2022-06-24


Wasted straw in fields are being turned into piles of wealth through Tongzhou district's rural vitalization efforts, and increasing incomes for local farmers and improving the environment. [Photo/Nantong Daily]

When it comes to harvest season, processing straw has been a challenge for the local government and peasant households in Nantong's Tonghzhou district in East China's Jiangsu province.

In the past, straw was piled up or incinerated in fields, causing air pollution and seriously affecting agricultural production during harvest season. Rather than banning this practice directly, Tongzhou district has been looking for new ways to utilize straw, such as turning it into feed or weaving it into straw ropes.

The process of turning wasted straw into wealth has also resulted in the creation of a new occupation – "straw agents". These agents buy straw from farmers and then sell it in bulk to enterprises in need, creating both economic and social benefits.

Nantong Fengkai Biotechnology Co Ltd, based in Shigang town of Tongzhou district – administered by Nantong in East China's Jiangsu province – installed two domestically leading production lines to turn wasted straw into dairy cattle feed in Leguan and Dushiyuan villages in the area last year.

At present, the daily straw processing capacity of each production line is about 500 metric tons.

"We crush the straw and add microbial strains for fermentation to turn it into feed for cattle," said Ding Liming, general manager of Fengkai Biotechnology. "Due to their good palatability and high absorptivity, our products are favored by many large enterprises."

According to Ding, the company has established a partnership with Modern Farming, Mengniu Dairy, Bright Dairy and Weigang Dairy. With powerful technology and good sales, the annual sales volume of straw is expected to hit 100,000 tons.