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Tongzhou to be a provincial model for IPR protection


Updated: 2022-06-16


The China Nantong (Home Textile) Intellectual Property Rights Protection Center is located in Chuanjiang town in Tongzhou district. [Photo/WeChat account: wxtzfb]

Tongzhou district – administered by Nantong in East China's Jiangsu province – was recently approved by the Intellectual Property Office of Jiangsu Province to be built as the first provincial demonstration area for intellectual property rights (IPRs) protection in the central region of Jiangsu.

The Department of Finance of Jiangsu Province will allocate 10 million yuan ($1.49 million) as a special fund to support the district's construction of a provincial IPR protection model area.

The selection activity for provincial IPR protection models was launched in October 2021. So far, there are eight areas which have got the green light. Tongzhou district is the second county-level area to win the honor in Jiangsu, and the only one from Nantong.