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Haimen introduces initiatives for companies to go public


Updated: 2021-02-10

The government of Haimen district in Nantong issued a series of measures on Jan 20 to strengthen its support to companies that go public, local media outlets reported.

According to the measures, the government has increased the direct award to these companies from the previous 3 million yuan ($465,200) to 5 million yuan.

Those companies that go public overseas, through reverse mergers or in the select class of the new third board, are also eligible for the award.

The measures also make clear the award standards for companies that launch share reforms. Those eligible can receive a subsidy, worth a maximum of 10 million yuan.

For companies headquartered outside the district that register in Haimen through merging or relocation, they can receive subsidies of 3 million yuan in a lump-sum.

Another highlight is that operators of the eligible companies can receive a maximum housing subsidy of 200,000 yuan and a maximum work allowance of 300,000 yuan. They can also enjoy other preferential policies, including green channels for medical treatment and their children's education in Haimen.

In addition, a program for cultivating companies with potential to go public was launched. Companies included in the program can receive 200,000 yuan in subsidies for training and purchase of relevant services. They will also enjoy financial service support from the local government.