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Future development goals of Haimen II


Updated: 2021-01-19

Haimen district in Nantong aims to break into the top 10 districts in Jiangsu province in terms of economic development by 2023, with its annual government financial revenue surpassing 10 billion yuan ($1.45 billion), said Guo Xiaomin, the district's Party secretary, at the 11th plenary session of the 14th CPC Haimen committee on Jan 16.

To this end, towns and sub-districts under the jurisdiction of Haimen have set their own goals to push forward the high-quality development of the district. Let's have a look.

Changle town

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Changle town is the hometown of Zhang Jian, a well-known local business magnate and leading academic in modern China. [Photo/WeChat account: jshmrb]

Changle town will work to boost its position among China's top 1,000 town and increase its government financial revenue to more than 500 million yuan within three years.

Zhengyu town

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Zhengyu town is experiencing a booming robotics industry. [Photo/WeChat account: jshmrb]

Zhengyu town hopes to lead the Yangtze River Delta region in intelligent manufacturing and break into Jiangsu's top 10 special towns.

Yuelai town

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An unmanned drone works on a farm in Yuelai town. [Photo/WeChat account: jshmrb]

Yuelai town will work to promote rural rejuvenation and become a model of innovative social governance.

Sijia town

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A precision casting factory in Sijia town. [Photo/WeChat account: jshmrb]

Sijia town aims to increase its government financial revenue to more than 200 million yuan within three years and the output of its aerospace industry to more than 10 billion yuan.

Yudong town

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Yudong ancient town. [Photo/WeChat account: jshmrb]

The thousand-year-old Yudong town aims to revitalize itself by doubling taxable industrial sales revenue within three years.

Haiyong town


Garden-like scenery in Haiyong town. [Photo/WeChat account: jshmrb]

Haiyong town will give full play to its ecological advantages and seek to become a cluster for the high-end service industry in the Yangtze River Delta region.