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Designated health centers offer COVID-19 shots in Rudong


Updated: 2021-01-13


To control the severe COVID-19 pandemic, China has started offering free shots of COVID-19 vaccines to key groups of individuals. [Photo/WeChat account: dream8086]

At present, the COVID-19 pandemic is still severe in the world and administering a safe and effective vaccine is an important means to control the pandemic transmission.

In line with national arrangements, the city of Nantong in East China's Jiangsu province started offering free shots of COVID-19 vaccines to some key groups of individuals in December.

To date, 14,000 doses of vaccine have been administered, without any abnormal reaction. In the following period, the city will expand the range to others as more vaccines become available.

Here are the eight designated health centers for COVID-19 vaccination in Rudong county:

Juegang Health Center

Address: No 26 Tanqin Road, Juegang town, Rudong county

Contact: Wu Yinshan, +86-513-84512106

Matang Health Center

Address: No 28 Shihe East Road, Matang town, Rudong county

Contact: Miao Guanjian, +86-513-80860150

Yangkou Health Center

Address: Liuhuan village, Yangkou town

Contact Xu Jun, +86-513-84806242

Shuangdian Health Center

Address: No 170 Jianghai Road, Shuangdian town, Rudong county

Contact: Yuan Qifeng, +86-513-84615371

Chahe Health Center

Address: No 34 Jiaotong West Road, Chahe town, Rudong county

Contact: Ji Zhiyan, +86-513-84311261

Bencha Health Center

Address: No 4 Waihuan North Road, Bencha town, Rudong

Contact: Jiang Yadong, +86-513-84822528

Fengli Health Center

Address: No 5 Xinjian West Road, Fengli town, Rudong county

Contact: Yu Weidong, +86-513-68921650

Dayu Health Center

Address: No 61 Jiankang Road, Dayu town, Rudong county

Contact: Cai Jie, +86-513-84204957