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Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Rudong founded


Updated: 2021-01-05

The Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Rudong was founded on Dec 30 and hosted its first general meeting, marking the establishment of a new cooperation and exchange platform for merchants from East China's Zhejiang province who run their business in Rudong county, administered by Nantong city in adjoining Jiangsu province.

At present, the chamber of commerce has 61 Zhejiang businesses as its first group of members.

Attracted by the favorable commercial environment and high-quality labor, a raft of domestic and foreign businesses are investing and developing in Rudong. Over the past decade, more and more Zhejiang businessmen have come to Rudong to start up ventures, which has become an important force in the county's economic and social development.

The new chamber of commerce in Rudong was established to increase communications between Zhejiang businessmen and promote the development of Zhejiang enterprises there.

A spokesman said the new chamber of commerce will attract new members, create high-quality services and resolve problems for members.