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Nantong landmarks fire up the night

en.nantong.gov.cn Updated: 2020-12-18

The Grand Theater of Nantong and the flower and bird area of the Seyuan Garden, both newly built landmarks in the city, recently started testing their lights, decorating the night sky with colorful illuminations, local media reported.


The Grand Theater of Nantong, still under construction, features five shining flower petals shimmering on the Zilang Lake. Officials say that when completed, it will be an important window showcasing the city's rich culture. [Photo/WeChat account: wxntfb]

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The flower and bird area of Seyuan Garden, part of the Langshan National Forest Park, has merged modern design concepts with traditional Chinese architecture. The lights are configured in the shape of those in the ancient royal court and are powered by the latest energy-saving LED technology. [Photo/WeChat account: wxntfb]