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Haimen hospital upgraded to 3B classification


Updated: 2020-12-18


The People's Hospital of Haimen district [Photo/WeChat account: haimendianshitai]

The People's Hospital of Haimen district was upgraded to a 3B-level comprehensive hospital by the Jiangsu Commission of Health on Dec 14.

The hospital, founded in 1935, is the first hospital at that level in the district and is an integrated public hospital engaged in medical treatment, education, scientific research, disease prevention and healthcare.

It consists of six independent buildings for outpatients, inpatients, medical technology, an emergency office, infectious diseases, and education and dining. It has a floor area of 205,000 square meters, 1,448 staff members and 1,645 beds in 29 ward areas. 

The hospital has ranked among China's top 50 county-level hospitals in terms of comprehensive strength for years, with its nephrology, general surgery and gastroenterology departments ranking in the top 30 among county-level hospitals across the country.

It has also partnered with Nantong University, Yangzhou University and other higher-education and medical institutes to cultivate talents and improve medical services.