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Transport, postal departments cooperate to promote rural logistics services


Updated: 2020-11-13

A rural logistics service brand co-founded by the local transportation and postal departments was unveiled in Haimen district, Nantong on Nov 10.

Haimen has been working to strengthen cooperation between its transportation and postal departments since the beginning of this year, according to Guo Xiaomin, chief of the district.

The district has made full use of the policy and market advantages of its transportation sector and the strong network and reputation of its postal sector to improve terminal logistics services in rural areas.

To date, Haimen has built 815 distribution stations, covering all natural villages. Parcels are first delivered to administrative villages and then sent to natural villages by bus.

Officials have said that the newly-established brand will offer a systematic way to promote the integrated development of urban-rural logistics services.

"A comprehensive logistics service system will serve as a strong backbone for rural revitalization and the modernization of the agriculture industry," said Mei Zhengrong, deputy chief of the transportation department of Jiangsu province.