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Nantong COSCO Shipping receives new orders on wind power installation vessel


Updated: 2020-11-06

Nantong COSCO Shipping and CRCC Harbour and Channel Engineering Bureau Group Co Ltd signed an agreement on modification of "Tianjianqian 01", a bottom-mounted wind power installation vessel on Nov 3.

With a length of 78.6 meters and a width of 40m, the vessel has a designed draft depth of 4.8m. To meet the wind turbine installation needs at offshore construction sites, two cranes and a foot platform are planned to be added to the vessel.

After modification, the ship will not only be able to conduct semi-submersible operations, but will also meet the requirements for hoisting and installation of wind turbines in offshore areas.

By virtue of its well-reputed performance in the international market of wind power installation vessels, Qidong COSCO Shipping Ocean Engineering undertook the project of manufacturing a self-elevating self-propelled wind power installation vessel from CRCC Harbour and Channel Engineering Bureau Group Co Ltd in 2018.

Based on their former sincere cooperation the two parties joined hands once again to deepen their partnership.

At the signing ceremony, Nantong COSCO Shipping also signed a contract for an 80T/600T wind power crane vessel with CSSC South China Marine Machinery Co Ltd.