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Ancient accessories on display in Haimen


Updated: 2020-11-02

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A gilded silver coronet from the Qing Dynasty. [Photo/WeChat account: jshmrb]

An exhibition of gold and silver accessories from the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties and the early Republic of China (1912-49) is currently underway at the Jiangsu Jianghai Museum in Haimen district, Nantong. The exhibition will run until December.

On display are nearly 100 sets of accessories belonging to common people and the royalty of Han, Mongolian, Manchu and Hui ethnic groups from a dozen provinces and regions, including Beijing, Shandong, and Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

The artifacts, which feature various exquisite ancient techniques, are collections from the Beijing Folklore Museum.

According to museum's curator Cao Yansheng, Haimen is the fifth stop of the Exhibition on Costume of the Belt and Road Areas.

Cao said that the exhibition is a good fit for Haimen as the city is a renowned production center of textiles. He hopes that the exhibition can offer inspiration to local textile design and production professionals.

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