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260-year-old gingko tree preserved in Haimen


Updated: 2020-05-12


The 260-year-old gingko tree at the Zhang Jian Memorial Hall in Changle town, Haimen [Photo/WeChat account: jshmtt]

At the Zhang Jian Memorial Hall in Changle town, Haimen, there stands a 260-year-old gingko tree. Its trunk is about four meters wide, while its crown stretches more than 20 m in diameter.

Due to its old age, the tree usually sprouts more than a month later than other gingko trees, and its leaves fall a month earlier than usual, according to Shen Yingnan, curator of the hall.

Many tourists take photos with the tree when they visit the hall. Some of them also tie a red ribbon on it for good luck.

"Locals who move far away for work often make wishes under the tree before they leave," said Shen.

The hall has special staff members who care of the trees and will send for experts from the city's natural resources administration if they see anything unusual. To protect the tree from lightning, three lightning conductors have also been installed.

"The tree is a living relic. It is a vessel for the city's history and culture. We will strive to protect it," said Shen.