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Reading festival commences in Nantong

en.nantong.gov.cn Updated: 2020-04-23

The 17th Nantong Taofen Reading Festival opened at the Chongchuan District Library in Nantong on April 23, World Book Day.

During the festival, the local government will issue digital book coupons worth 80,000 yuan ($11,312) to the public. Individuals can follow the "南通发布" WeChat account to receive the coupon. Each WeChat account can only receive one coupon.

Individuals who pay 80 yuan will receive a 25-yuan discount per coupon when buying books at designated book stores. 

The reading festival, a signature event of the city, was first held in the late 1990s and has gained in popularity in recent years. More than three million people have participated in the event each year.

Districts and counties in Nantong have organized similar activities after calls from the municipal government, aiming to promote reading as a part of daily life. Hundreds of rural libraries were also set up and included in the city's library management system.

On the opening day of the festival, Chongchuan District Library also officially started operations. 

The library is located in the district's culture and art center, and currently has nearly 100,000 books.

In addition to reading activities, the library will also organize regular lectures, exhibitions and training sessions.

Participating book stores:

1. Nantong branch of Xinhua Bookstore 

2. Fenghuang Bookstore

3. Hai'an branch of Xinhua Bookstore

4. Rugao branch of Xinhua Bookstore

5. Juegangmen branch of Xinhua Bookstore

6. Tongzhou branch of Xinghua Bookstore

7. Haimen branch of Xinhua Bookstore

8. Qidong branch of Xinghua Bookstore

9. Hongwen Bookstore

10. Sisyphe Bookstore

11. Rudong Xinshiji Bookstore

12. Hai'an Huiyuan Bookstore

13. Haimen Huiyuan Bookstore

14. Rudong Huiyuan Bookstore

15. Rugao Huiyuan Bookstore