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Gangzha children celebrate World Book Day

en.nantong.gov.cn Updated: 2020-04-22


Children recite ancient Chinese classics at Yongxing Jiayuan Kindergarten in Gangzha district, Nantong. [Photo/ntfabu.com]

As World Book Day approaches on April 23, children at Yongxing Jiayuan Kindergarten in Gangzha district, Nantong wore hanfu, a form of traditional Chinese clothing, and recited ancient Chinese classics to promote traditional Chinese culture.

During the activity, teachers explained extracts from Lunyu (Analects of Confucius), Sanzijing (Three Character Classic), and Daxue (the Great Learning) to children.

"I select some parts that are easy to understand and reflect core values in traditional Chinese culture, such as benevolence, loyalty, forgiveness, filial piety, sincerity and honesty," said Qian Chen, a teacher at the kindergarten.

The activity was well-received by parents because it instilled practical guidance into children.

"I took part in the event with my daughter and recited an extract from Daxue," said a local surnamed Lu. "My daughter loves traditional culture and I hope she can learn more about it."

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