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British teacher praises pandemic control in Tongzhou


Updated: 2020-04-08


A photo of Mark Featherstone, a UK citizen currently teaching English in Tongzhou district, Nantong [Photo/WeChat account: southtongzhou]

Mark Featherstone, a UK citizen currently teaching English in Tongzhou district, Nantong, recently shared his thoughts and experiences during the pandemic on an overseas social media platform, which were reported by Daily Express, a British newspaper.

Mark has lived in Tongzhou district for nearly three years and enjoys a comfortable life there. He described the district as beautiful and peaceful.

He was first informed about the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan in January and was asked to wear a face mask, but he initially thought the situation wasn't that serious. Several days later, he found that stores, restaurants and bars in Tongzhou were all closed. 

He was impressed by the quick and efficient prevention measures taken in the district. Local community workers registered information and took temperatures when residents entered and exited residential areas. There were enough daily necessities being sold at stable prices.

During the interview, he said communities were closed and people were only allowed to go out to buy necessities every two days, but no one complained.

"I felt concerned when I first heard about the pandemic and was shocked to see China respond so quickly," said Mark. "It's the solidarity of the Chinese people that allowed the country to efficiently control the pandemic." 

According to Daily Express, Mark's experiences showcase China's efforts in the fight against the novel coronavirus and the strong results the country has achieved.

Mark has donated the remuneration paid by Daily Express to support medics in his hometown and hopes the United Kingdom can also curb the pandemic. Although progress is slow, everything is returning to normal, he said.