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Tulips bless people working on frontlines in Qidong


Updated: 2020-03-10

Around 10,000 tulips were sent to medics, police officers, community workers, and volunteers in Qidong, a county-level city in Nantong, Jiangsu province, on March 6, to honor their contributions to the fight against the novel coronavirus.

The Qidong Xinhu Floral Expo has been held every year since 2018, and a total of 1.5 million tulips have been planted at Yuantuojiao this year in preparation for the expo. However, people have not been able to enjoy them due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus.

The tulip is known throughout the world as the queen of flowers. It is usually planted in winter and blooms in spring. Its flowering period is very brief and the optimal time to view them lasts only two weeks.

The flowers were thus sent to frontline workers in hopes that the blooming beauties would help alleviate their worries and put their minds at ease.

The tulips represent the approaching spring, giving color and hope to the hospital, according to a doctor at Qidong People's Hospital.

A similar activity was also held in Shanghai, where a total of 300,000 tulips were delivered to workers on the frontlines.


Blooming tulips are sent to people fighting on the frontlines of the fight against the novel coronavirus in Qidong, Nantong, to honor their efforts. [Photo/ntfabu.com]