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Rudong deepens coastal economic cooperation


Updated: 2019-11-11

Rudong, a county in Nantong, Jiangsu province, has been striving to develop its marine economy over the past several years. A total of 60 projects with over 30 billion yuan ($4.29 billion) in investment were signed during a fair on coastal economic cooperation in Rudong on Nov 9.

Several of the world's largest enterprises, as well as a number of state-owned enterprises, have already begun operating in the county. Rudong is enhancing its economic strength and improving its rank among Jiangsu's top 100 counties.


Several project deals are signed at a fair on coastal economic cooperation in Rudong on Nov 9. [Photo/ ntjoy.com]

"Rudong has a lot of potential for a strong gas industry due to its favorable location and transportation network, and we hope to establish a new energy industrial chain by cooperating with the county," said Wang Yuetao, general manager of China ZhenHua Oil Co.

The county has a deep-water harbor that can accommodate 300,000-ton ships. In 2018, 6.53 million tons of liquefied natural gas (LNG) was unloaded at the harbor, more than any other harbor in China. Rudong plans to build China's largest LNG unloading and supply center in the near future.

The largest offshore wind power plant in Asia has also been constructed in Rudong, and more projects involving new energy, new materials, and high-end equipment manufacturing are expected to be undertaken in the county in the future.