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Tongzhou attracts investment in Shanghai


Updated: 2019-11-04

A promotional fair for the Shigang Technology Industrial Park located in Tongzhou district, Nantong, Jiangsu province, was held in Shanghai on Nov 1.

Shigang, an old industrial town in north Tongzhou district, boasts a rich culture and solid industrial foundation. Its technology industrial park was established in 2013 and has become an advanced manufacturing center in the region, attracting companies from Shanghai, the urban area of Nantong, and surrounding areas.

The park's convenient and well-connected location and supportive policies have attracted many projects. Four project deals related to logistics, human resources, and smart home appliances were signed at the fair and are expected to bring a new vitality to the park.

Tongzhou district hopes to become more influential throughout the northern part of the Yangtze River Delta region and an attractive destination for investors.