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Tongzhou promotes equipment manufacturing


Updated: 2019-10-30

The high-end equipment manufacturing cluster in Tongzhou Bay is growing rapidly. The cluster involves offshore equipment, intelligent equipment, automobile components, communication equipment, and new materials.

Tongzhou Bay is located in the estuary of the Yangtze River, surrounded by a harbor and plants. This convenient location has made it a beacon of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

Tongzhou is focusing on "3+1" industries, including new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, modern logistics, and ecotourism. The high-end equipment manufacturing industry is an important part of the "3+1" plan and has contributed significantly to economic development.

A total of 10 high-end equipment manufacturing projects receiving nearly 4.5 billion yuan ($636.64 million) in investment were signed at a recent promotional fair.

Several industrial parks have also been built in Tongzhou Bay, offering improved supporting facilities and an abundance of resources.

In the future, Tongzhou Bay will focus on shipping equipment, intelligent machines, and smart manufacturing to create a better environment for the development of equipment manufacturing.