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Yuantuojiao scenery recorded in photos


Updated: 2019-10-23

In order to promote tourism in Nantong, Jiangsu province, a themed photography activity will be held at the Yuantuojiao scenic spot in Qidong. Its opening ceremony was held on Oct 21.

Yuantuojiao, which faces Shanghai from across the Yangtze River, is located at the confluence of the Huanghai Sea, East China Sea, and Yangtze River. It is renowned for its 5 am sunrise, the earliest in Jiangsu. 

The activity consists of a photography event for famous photographers and a mobile photography competition for the public.

More than 20 photographers have been invited from Shanghai and Nanjing, Yancheng, Taizhou, Huai'an, and Nantong in Jiangsu province.

The photography competition started on Oct 1 and will end on Oct 31. During this time, all visitors are welcome to participate.

The best photos submitted for the competition will be included in an album to showcase the beautiful scenery and development achievements of Yuantuojiao.


The Yuantuojiao scenic spot [Photo/xinhuanet.com]