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Tongzhou offers one-stop services to local start-ups

Updated: 2019-09-12

In 2018, the Tongzhou government doubled down efforts to streamline the process for issuing operation permits and licenses to local enterprises. New businesses in Tongzhou can now receive their business licenses within half a working day, and a special area with 14 service windows has been set up at the government service hall in Tongzhou to serve residents.

An online platform has also been introduced to allow Tongzhou residents to deal with bureaucratic processes from the comfort of their homes. 

Currently,around 400 new enterprises are expected to open every month in Tongzhou, among which 70 percent are expected to register and be granted administrative approval via the online platform. 

Since its launch in 2018, the "Once Only" project has been part of the Tongzhou government's continuing efforts to streamline government processes. 

"These measures will be strictly applied in Tongzhou and enterprises will enjoy great convenience. The reform meets both corporate and public needs and we plan to continue on this path,” said Chen Yue, deputy director of the market access department of the Tongzhou Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau.