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Tongzhou gives mobile phones to elderly people

Updated: 2019-07-19

Many senior citizens in Nantong’s Tongzhou district were excited to receive brand new mobile phones for free from the local government on July 12.

The district civil affairs bureau gave the mobile phones to residents in Bajiaoting community in Jinxin Street.

This mobile phone is especially made for senior people, and has a button which can be pressed to call for help. Moreover, the phone also has a positioning system, which can help to find missing people.

More than 55 old people received the mobile phone. An 89-year-old man named Xing Xintao, said that the government has taken great care of them, as their sons and daughters live far away, the government is taking care of them as if it were their children. 

“It will take half a month to give out the mobile phones, and keep records,” said Ji Qianwen, a working staff. “We will contact hospitals later and provide free medical services for the elderly,” she said.