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Yuantuojiao scenic spot


Updated: 2019-04-10



Yuantuojiao is located at the southeastern corner of Yin Yang, Qidong, in the easternmost end of Jiangsu province. The sunrise can be seen here at five o'clock in the morning, which is about an hour earlier than other places, so it is named “Yin Yang”, which means the sun at 5 am.

At Yuantuojiao the vast Yangtze River flows into the sea, and the East China Sea and Huanghai Sea are separated. The three waters meet here in a magnificent way. Many men and women of literature and writing consider it a pleasure to see the unique 5 am rising of the sun at Yuantuojiao.



Over the last few years Yuantuojiao scenic spot has been organized as a natural scenic tourist area. It has successively built a monument to the Yangtze River entering the sea, a giant statue of Yu the Great, Yinyang Tower, an artificial lake, a natural beach, a holiday resort, and a pavilion, which are the current main scenic spots. The 20 meter statue of Yu the Great is located at the center of the scenic spot. The Yinyang Tower is located on the seawall in the northeast of the scenic area. From the tower visitors can enjoy magnificent sunrises on the sea and spectacular sunsets on the Yangtze River. A 0.0545 square kilometer artificial lake is located at the center of the scenic area. The seaside resort covers an area of 0.0112 square kilometers -- a place for tourists to eat, live, play and enjoy.