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Big projects align with Tongzhou's development trajectory


Updated: 2021-03-31

Tongzhou district in Nantong – a prefecture-level city in East China's Jiangsu province – has signed off on 15 major projects worth over 1 billion yuan ($15.24 million) each so far this year, projects which reportedly perfectly align with its development trajectory.

The combined investment for the raft of projects totaled 18.79 billion yuan, according to data released by the district's development and reform commission.

With its main economic indicators looking positive, Tongzhou realized 49.5-percent growth in the first two months of the year in its general public budget revenue, ranking it first in Nantong city. Other indicators including the increase in industrial taxable sales and fixed asset investment were all at the forefront of Nantong during the same period.

The district is understood to be striving to create a "3+2" industrial system that prioritizes new-generation information technology, automobiles and parts and intelligent equipment as the leading sectors, while relying on the traditional home textiles and construction industries.

Over the past three years, 80 percent of the new industrial projects in the district have focused on the three major industries, according to Chen Yonghong, Party chief of Tongzhou district.

Recently, Tongzhou cooperated with the National Integrated Circuit Components Innovation Alliance, establishing a national integrated circuits components industrial park in the Nantong National High-tech Industrial Development Zone. Many leading companies in the industry are understood to have already settled there.

The district's automobile and parts industry has reportedly attracted a number of world and domestic industry leaders, earning Tongzhou the reputation as being the "China Die-Casting Industry Demonstration Base".

The intelligent equipment industry is also progressing well, with it rapidly gaining a reputation for being highly competent in high-end digital printing, industrial automation and in the cold chain equipment sectors. The production technology and manufacturing size of the district's capacitors and electrode foils is also developing quickly and reputedly leading the world.

Based on current development trends, Tongzhou district Party chief Chen Yonghong forecast that the output value of the three leading industries would quadruple in five years.