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Rugao mattress producer runs at full capacity


Updated: 2021-03-22


Workers get busy on a Mlily production line in Dingyan town, in Rugao. [Photo/WeChat account: rugaofabu]

The production lines of Mlily, China's leading memory-foam manufacturer in Rugao, Nantong, are running at full capacity to ensure the products are delivered on schedule, local media outlets reported.

The company reportedly weathered the impact of the COVID-19 well due to its continuous innovation and has received increasing orders since the start of the year, according to a senior executive.

"We encouraged employees to stay put during the Spring Festival holiday in response to the government's call, which helped us resume production quickly after the holiday," said Wu Xiaohong, vice-president of the company.

In addition, the group has been working hard to improve the quality and expand the variety of its products by working with higher-learning institutions, such as Donghua University and Nantong University.

"We are seeking new materials to add comfort to our mattresses and are developing electric beds and sofas," Wu said.

As the biggest memory-foam manufacturer in China, Mlily currently operates more than 600 retail stores across the country and sells products to 73 countries and regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan. It is also the official global partner of renowned English premier soccer team Manchester United.

According to Wu, while expanding its overseas market, Mlily has also worked with domestic star-level hotels to introduce guest rooms with zero-pressure mattresses, with a total of 600,000 of these mattresses now in service.