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Investment Hotlines

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2018-07-27

Nantong bureau of commerce: +86-513-59000886

Enterprise import and export: +86-513-59000889
Information resources: +86-513-59001159

Discipline inspection and supervision investment: +86-513-85115211

Foreign investment: +86-513-85115235

Foreign investment complaints: +86-513-85115272

Foreign investment of contractual service: +86-513-85115236

Business informants' hot-line: 12312

Nantong development & reform commission: +86-513-59000969

Nantong municipal commission of economy & information technology: +86-513-59000925

Nantong municipal bureau of science and technology: +86-513-59000908

Nantong municipal bureau of land resources: +86-513-59001031

Nantong municipal bureau of human resources and social security: +86-513-59000857

Nantong municipal public security bureau: +86-513-85021855

Nantong municipal bureau of construction: +86-513-59001003

Nantong municipal government office for overseas affairs: +86-513-59001177

Nantong municipal office, SAT: +86-513-59000701

Nantong administration for industry and commerce: +86-513-59000783

Nantong local taxation bureau: +86-513-59000728

Nantong customs district P.R.China: +86-513-85055800

Nantong municipal entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau: +86-513-83517930

Nantong municipal environmental protection bureau: +86-513-59000978