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Explore diverse routes in Qidong

en.nantong.gov.cn Updated: 2024-04-19


Jianghai Landscape Road. [Photo provided to en.nantong.gov.cn]

The most beautiful scenery often reveals itself along the way, making a cycling trip under the radiant spring sunshine in Qidong, Nantong, an excellent choice.

The city has transformed in recent days into a floral paradise, with purpleleaf plum trees adorning Gongyuannan Road, midget crabapples along Shijie Road, flowering crabapples and Yoshino cherry blossoms on Jianghainan Road, and Chinese redbuds in full bloom gracing Songhuajiang Road.

For a view of both water landscapes and skyscrapers, cycling across the 100-meter Diehu Bridge is a must. The bridge divides the Nantong Culture and Sports Center into two, with the southern part shaped like a half moon and the northern part resembling a butterfly.


Donghuixian Road in Haifu town's Xingxi village is lined with lush metasequoias. [Photo provided to en.nantong.gov.cn]

Jianghai Landscape Road has emerged as a landmark in Qidong. Cycling along the road offers views of a boundless stretch of clear water on one side and lush green scenery on the other.

Roads in Qidong's rural area also offer delightful options for cycling enthusiasts. Huanzhenbei Road in Hezuo town is renowned as the first music-themed road, where the tire noise from cars traveling at speeds of 35 to 40 kilometers per hour produces melodious music. Meanwhile, Donghuixian Road in Haifu town's Xingxi village is distinguished by rows of 40-year-old metasequoias.