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7 Nantong brands win provincial recognition

en.nantong.gov.cn Updated: 2024-04-09


Ji Desheng antivenom pills. [Photo/Nantong Daily]

Nantong is now officially home to another seven provincial-level time-honored brands, bringing the total number to 23, according to the Department of Commerce of Jiangsu province.

With a history of over 60 years, Jinghua Pharmaceutical Group Co has developed more than 200 Chinese and western medicines, with its Ji Desheng antivenom pills and Wang Family baochi pills listed as national intangible cultural heritage items.

Founded in the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Nantong Benlan Artware Co (Cao Yuxing Dyehouse) also functions as a base for promoting the Nantong blue calico printing and dyeing craft, which was listed as a national intangible cultural heritage item in 2006. The company has worked to rejuvenate blue calico by creating chic and attractive patterns.

Xinyuan Silk Group Co is engaged in raising silkworms, processing silk, and the comprehensive utilization of silkworm and cocoon filament, leading the country in the number of jobs provided to farmers.

Jiangsu Kelly Embroidery Co produces embroideries, silk garment, and other related products. The company has been named the provincial intangible cultural heritage workshop as well as the base to train local talents.

Nantong Huangshi Chinese Medicine Technology Co prides itself on its Huang Family Beauty Pills, whose production techniques have been listed as a provincial intangible cultural heritage.

Nestled by the Haohe River, Nantong Wenfeng Hotel features beautiful scenery, comfortable guestrooms, spacious conference rooms, and delicious food.

Nantong Chunhua Food Co primarily supplies specialties of Rugao such as dried turnip, pickled taro, and sweet and sour garlic, and Rugao is celebrated for the longevity of its residents.