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Springtime flavors tempt taste buds

en.nantong.gov.cn Updated: 2024-03-14


Qingtuan filled with sweet red bean paste. [Photo/WeChat account: jshmrb]

With the awakening of spring, fresh vegetables are tantalizing the taste buds of foodies. Which spring food is popular in Nantong?

Qingtuan, or green sticky rice balls with sweet fillings, usually dominates the spring in the Jiangnan region. With a soft and waxy texture, the rice balls are stuffed with red bean paste and either minced pork with egg yolk or minced vegetables with smoked bean curd.

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Shepherd's purse and tofu soup. [Photo/WeChat account: jshmrb]

Reputed as the most delicious spring vegetable, shepherd's purse is usually made into filling for wontons, soup, or cold dishes with smoked bean curd and tofu.

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Stir-fried xiangchun with eggs. [Photo/WeChat account: jshmrb]

The tender leaves of the Chinese mahogany tree, or xiangchun, have a very strong and rich aroma that some find hard to accept. It is also the most prized vegetable in the fresh produce market. It is not sold in kilos, but in grams. People usually stir-fry it with eggs or make it into a cold dish with tofu.


Chinese chives and egg dumplings. [Photo/WeChat account: jshmrb]

Although Chinese chives can be eaten throughout the year, they are the most tender when grown in spring. They are usually stir-fried with eggs or made into fillings for dumplings.

Last but not least, toothed burclover is great when fried in alcohol. It can also be made into soup with sliced pan-fried eggs.