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City Service: What to do when trains are backtracked or suspended due to extreme weather?

ezhejiang.gov.cn Updated: 2023-12-20


A train runs in the rail. [Photo/66wz.com]

Many Chinese cities are experiencing a dramatic cold snap recently, with heavy snowfall and even blizzards. With trains in these areas under pressure, there is a possibility of backtrack or suspensions. What should be done if you encounter such a situation?

If trains are suspended, here's how to get a refund:

There are three possible scenarios: 

First, if the train is canceled before departing, you are eligible for a full refund and no cancellation fee is charged.

Second, if your departure or arrival station is within the suspended section and you, as the passenger, have not boarded, you are eligible for a refund too.

In detail, from the moment you receive the cancellation message until 30 days after the ticketed travel date, you can process refunds through the official railway website or the mobile app, any train station's ticket counter, or self-service machines with refund features. The travel date is also covered in the 30-day period.

Third, if you have already boarded within the suspended section, you can claim a refund for the fare difference between the paid ticket price and the traveled section fare, with no cancellation fees.

Tips: When processing refunds online, double-check for any cancellation fees. If the cancellation fee is displayed, it is advisable to wait before the system syncing.

If the train has to backtrack, what should you do?

There are two solutions for you to choose:

First, if you decide to disembark immediately at the reversal station, you can process refunds online or at any station for the fare of the untraveled section, along with any linked tickets, if you have any. No cancellation fees are charged.

Second, if you choose to return to midway or the departure station, please follow the same procedure as above. You can request refunds for the untraveled section fare from your final arrival station to your original destination without cancellation fees.

It's important to notice that passengers disembarking at any station must exit through the gate after ticket inspection. And when processing refunds online, you should carefully verify the refund information.