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Chongchuan to excel in IC industry

en.nantong.gov.cn Updated: 2023-05-17

Ten integrated circuit projects were signed into effect at the recently-concluded Nantong Shibei Integrated Circuit Industry Development Conference.

Among them was Zhihui Micro Technology (Nanjing) Co Ltd, which specializes in graphics processing unit chip design.

The company has an autonomous production center in the defense and information technology sectors.

The project backed by the company in the Shibei high-tech Zone is expected to achieve an annual output value of over 100 million yuan.

Qian Jiaxiang, chairman of Zhihui Micro, said that the industrial aggregation in Nantong as well as the policies and support offered by the local government provide a business environment conducive to their development.

Experts attending the conference also expressed that Nantong has effectively allocated market resources to the industrial chain through policy guidance. They believe that the city will make more progress in this respect with the support of increasingly leading enterprises.

Located in Chongchuan, the Shibei High-tech Zone has become the main base for the development of the integrated circuit industry in Nantong.

The zone, which focuses on the entire industrial chain, has gathered outstanding enterprises such as ETA Semiconductor Limited, Novaco Microelectronics Technologies Ltd, and Nantong Access Semiconductor Co Ltd.

In addition, the planned Shibei integrated circuit industrial park in Chongchuan aims to promote collaborative development among upstream, midstream, and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain.

The park will optimize the business environment for the development of the industrial chain and provide comprehensive services to enterprises operating there.


Experts share their views on the integrated circuit industry at the conference. [Photo/WeChat account: chongchuanonline]