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Rudong shows outstanding performance in wind power generation

en.nantong.gov.cn Updated: 2022-07-20


Rudong shows outstanding performance in wind power generation in the first half of the year. [Photo/Nantong Daily]

In the first half of the current year, Rudong county – administered by Nantong city in East China's Jiangsu province – generated 6.31 billion kilowatt-hours of on-grid electricity, and achieved net output of electricity generated by wind power plants.

By June 30, the on-grid electricity in Rudong had reached 41.34 billion kWh, equivalent to saving 11.99 million metric tons of standard coal and 1.18 trillion cubic meters of water, as well as reducing 49.61 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

In recent years, Rudong has devoted itself to the green energy industry, attracting wind power giants such as China Energy Group and China General Nuclear Power Corporation. Adhering to the technology-driven development concept, Rudong has issued a number of policies to build an industrial chain integrating wind farm construction, wind power equipment production and inspection of their operation and maintenance.

Last year, the world's largest offshore converter station with a capacity of over 20,000 tons was built in Rudong through high-level float-over installation method.

What's more, a 500-kilovolt booster station started operation on Sept 29 last year, providing special on-grid channel for clean electricity.

Since 2002, a total of 30 wind power plants have been built in Rudong, with a total installed capacity of 5.6 million kilowatts, ranking first in Asia.

"Rudong aims to build a 10 million kW offshore wind power base by 2030," said Chen Huiyu, Party secretary of Rudong.