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Hello World, This Is Langshan

cri.cn Updated: 2022-06-22


An aerial view of Nantong Langshan Mountain National Forest Park. [Photo/cri.cn]

Nantong Langshan Mountain National Forest Park is located on Jiang-Hai (Yangtze River-Yellow Sea) Plain, north of the mouth of the Yangtze River. It is composed of Langshan Mountain, Maanshan Mountain, Huangnishan Mountain, Jianshan Mountain and Junshan Mountain, so it is also called the "Five Mountains". Now, it has become an ecological green corridor and "urban living room" of Nantong.

The forest park preserves the largest north subtropical natural secondary forest with an area of 1026 mu on the Jiang-Hai Plain, which has become a paradise for animals.

In the transition between autumn and winter, the forest park is like a colorful palette.

The forest park fully presents Chinese culture. The Putuo Courtyard at the top of Junshan Mountain was built in the third year of the reign of Chongzhen of the Ming Dynasty. On the northern side of the Putuo Courtyard stands China's first private meteorological observatory - Junshan Mountain Meteorological Observatory.

Adjacent to the Yangtze River and the Yellow Sea, Nantong is sited where the "Golden Waterway" and the "Golden Coast" meet. After more than two years’ efforts of ecological restoration, the forest coverage rate in the five mountains has reached more than 80 percent, and the ecological environment has changed fundamentally. In August 2018, Nantong Langshan Mountain National Forest Park became the only approved national forest park in Jiangsu province that year.

Strolling through the forest park, visitors can appreciate the beauty of the five mountains and experience the Yangtze River ecological culture.